Our Story

"Do you believe in chasing your dreams?..... I do!!!"
"When God puts a dream or a passion inside of you, he deposits within you everything you need to accomplish it. He wouldn't give you the desire to do something without giving you the ability to fulfill it, therefore I believe that everyone has a purpose in life!"
"1 SEXY ANGEL HAIR COLLECTION was born in 2016, but the feeling and passion of this creation lived inside of me since childhood!"



 Tyia, CEO of 1 SEXY ANGEL, knew as a kid she loved anything that involved HAIR! Tyia looked at her own hair as an asset to her body, which she believed was an important part of her total self-image. Her goal is not only to help women who may have suffered from alopecia, lupus, or hair loss due to aging, but to help ALL WOMEN! She feels that your hair is your crown which you wear everyday, therefore why not wear it flawlessly! Wearing our 1 Sexy Angel Hair will encourage all women to upgrade their confidence! 

1 SEXY ANGEL HAIR COLLECTION allows women to embrace their flaws within themselves and become 1 Sexy Angel!!!