Lace Drip (Full Set) 8oz

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Our 1 Sexy Angel Lace Drip is designed to provide you with that seamless flawless scalp illusion as if the hair grew straight from your scalp, making your lace blend perfectly!!! This product is a lace tint for frontals, closures, and wigs. Transparent or HD Lace will give you the best results for tinting your lace. The goal is to make your unit/lace look real as possible..... which is what our 1 Sexy Angel Lace Drip will do!! Our lace drip comes in 8oz & 4oz bottles.

We currently will have 4 complexions to choose from to blend your lace perfectly!!! 


Honey Tan - For our light skin tone complexions

Pretty Brown Brown - For our carmel brown skin tone complexions  

Cinnamon Red - For our brown & reddish skin tone complexions 

Chocolate Drop - For our beautiful chocolate skin tone complexions

You may mix the shades as well to achieve your desired color!!


Directions: Our Lace Drip is intended to be used after bleaching the knots, washing, & conditioning the lace wig/frontal/closure. Apply a coat directly on the inside of the lace.  It is to be applied right before styling; once applied let dry. Apply as many coats as desired to achieve the desired skin tone complexion. Air drying is strongly recommended. Be sure to do a color check after each coat. This is a semi- permanent product, therefore Lace Drip will need to be reapplied after a few washes. 



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